Based on my 2018 Statera National Conference breakout session called “Fat Discrimination and its Impact on the American Theatre” in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Based on my “featured speaker story” at a storytelling event by Elna Baker (The American Life, The Moth) in New Orleans, LA.

10 Gynecologist Tips for Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse


The Trials and Errors of Suzette Le’Ago and The Downstairs Neighbor (or Half Magic)
Friendly (and clumsy) witch Suzette Le’Ago isn’t great at magic. When she accidentally zaps her downstairs neighbor with her magic wand, she has to find a way to undo the spell put on him… but how?

Fortune Nately
Nate’s fortune cookie leaves him with a clue rather than a fortune and he is sent on a city-wide wild adventure fueled by clever word play and wit. Each fortune leads to a new cookie, a new clue, and a new curiosity. Who is leaving these clues for Nate? And why?

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