Fat Pig (Hollywood Fringe)                            
Helen                Dir. Maggie Rogers

All’s Well that Ends Well (The Globe, UK)  
Diana                Dir. Keith Woodason

Time and the Conways                                  
Madge               Dir. Onur Orkut

The Foreigner                                                  
Betty                  Dir. Nick Phillips

Titanic: The Musical                                      
Ms. Cardoza   Dir. Sally Rapier

In Extremis                                                       
Helene               Dir. Stephen Buckwald

Fuddy Meers                                                    
Claire                 Dir. Gillian Lemon

3 Sisters of Hope Street                               
May                    Dir. Gillian Lemon

Thoroughly Modern Millie                            
Ms. Meers         Dir. Paulo Musni

Jenny                 Dir. Richard Clark

Cheaters upcoming                                                          
Lead      College Humor

Olivier Awards, Honoring Stephen Sondheim
Singer Olivier Awards, UK

The Trials and Errors of Suzette Le’Ago
Lead/Writer      Half Magic Pictures

Loose Ends
Guest Star      MB Media, Amazon Prime

Drunk Elijah: A Passover Story!

Louder Than Silence
Supporting            USC 

Potty Mouth Princesses for Feminism F-Bomb
Supporting             FCKH8.COM

Domestic Violence Awareness
Supporting            FCKH8.COM

Sexist Santa
Supporting               FCKH8.COM

Marriage Equality
Lead                           FCKH8.COM

Fallin’ Angels
Lead                            TOB Productions

Education & Training

• BA Acting with Honors, Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, Liverpool UK
• Voiceover course, London UK
• American Acting Standards with Douglas Hall workshop, NYC
• Theater of the Arts workshop, LA
• For Actors By Actors classes and workshops, LA

Dialects US: Standard American, Kentucky (native), Appalachia, Virginia Piedmont
Dialects UK: RP, Heightened RP, Welsh, Scouse, Yorkshire

Special Skills

Animal handling (domestic and zoo), rasabox training, extensive knowledge of rap and hip hop, volleyball, 3 years of Latin language classes, firearm use, bicycling, valid passport